These Books Will Help You Better Understand Colin Kaepernick’s Protest


Ah, 2018. Angry people are cutting logos off of socks that they already own and burning shoes that they already paid for because an athletic apparel company rolled out a TV ad featuring a man who peacefully protested for racial justice.

When Colin Kaepernick was recently announced as the face of a new Nike campaign, a certain sector of Americans became nothing short of apoplectic. But aside from Nike’s decision to feature the controversial figure being a good business move, their support of Kaepernick — and, by proxy, his protest — is something all Americans should get behind. It is, as Life editor Steve Bramucci wrote, “A motor that pushes society along in its gradual arc toward justice for all.”

In order to help push this movement forward, we’ve put together a list of 10 books to help you better understand why Colin Kaepernick took a knee.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

If you want to understand how police brutality against black Americans works, pick up Thomas’s novel.

What happens when an unarmed black person is shot by an officer of the law? It depends on who you ask: there are those who will defend the officer, saying that the teen probably deserved it for one reason or another. And then there’s Angie Thomas, who started writing The Hate U Give when Oscar Grant was shot and killed in Oakland in 2009.