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MTV Cancels ‘Buckwild'; ‘Buckwild’ Producer Craps All Over MTV’s Entire Existence

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MTV has canceled "Buckwild" in the wake of Shain Gandee's death, and the show's producer is furious about it.

shain gandee

‘Buckwild’ Star Shain Gandee Is Dead At 21

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Shain Gandee, one of the stars of MTV's "Buckwild" was found dead in West Virginia this morning. He was 21.


Star Of MTV's 'Buckwild' Nabbed In West Virginia Oxycodone Bust

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Salwa Amin, one of the stars of MTV's "Buckwild," was busted with "a large quantity" of Oxycodone in a recent drug raid.


Today’s Time-Waster: Listen To Buckwild “Droppin’ Science”

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If we're going to dilly-dally while on the boss' dime, we may as well engage in a bit of edutainment as well.

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Breaking: Local Residents Displeased About The Way An MTV Reality Show (‘BUCKWILD’) Depicts Their Region

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People from West Virginia are upset about how MTV's new reality show 'Buckwild' depicts their way of life. Hmm, where have I heard that before.


What’s On Tonight: MTV’s New ‘Jersey Shore,’ Set In West Virginia

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The best and worst of what's on TV tonight, including the series premiere of the MTV reality series "Buckwild," set in West Virginia.


AZ – “My N*ggas”

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Anyone that grew up on 90's hip-hop is undoubtedly rooting for a comeback from <a href="">AZ</a>.

The Greatest Story Never Told

Saigon Continues To Triumph As A Great Orator

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<a href=""> <a href="">Saigon</a> already picked his poison.

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Album First Listen: Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told

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<a href=""> In 2011, this is as close to a "Roll Call" as you're going to get. Annnd, in 2011, this could be considered the first noteworthy Hip-Hop full-length record to get the ball rolling; set the standard for where the beats, rhymes and life should be propelled to elevate the music standard in the commercial district. (You hear that Dre?). You've seen a little bit, and heard a few more but holy taco Batman, this is the full enchilada we're dealing with. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Marsha Ambrosius and some guy named Just Blaze (?) all help Saigon finally get his Greatest Story told and sold on 2.15.11. Three years ago, some of you current skeptics' heads would have exploded like that White supremacist on that Dave Chappelle skit. But since we're all here, how does it sound? If we're taking prop bets, how many <a href="">Cigs</a> will TSS Crew dole out for it.


Donny Goines – The Breakfast Club

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It's funny how the music universe aligns its stars to manifest various degrees of separation.

The Neptunes

“Something Else” – Review Of Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss

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It's been over a decade since the LOX came out with those shiny-suit jingles off their debut Money, Power, Respect.

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