How To Make The Perfect Action Franchise — ‘The Expendables’ — Even More Perfect

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Now that 'The Expendables 3' is hitting theaters, we can focus on 'The Expendables 4' by creating a dream cast and an awesome action story.


The Adorable ‘Predator’ Kid Is Here To Steal Your Heart And Then Hunt It For Sport

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This kid's family wins all the awards for adorable, but awkward cosplay choices.


Let’s Watch Sylvester Stallone Choreograph The Rocky Vs. Apollo Creed Fight


Via comes this awesome clip of Sylvester Stallone working out the fight from the end of Rocky, and it's totally worth watching, especially for the impromptu Carl Weathers acting workshop.

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A Guide To Whether Your Favorite Character Is Returning To ‘Arrested Development’

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The full list of old favorites and new celebrities who will appear in Netflix's "Arrested Development" revival.

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The '80s And The '90s Summarized With Two Pictures (And Links)


Today's links, featuring our future president, an unironic biceps close-up, and a clever dog stealing a cabbage.


Oh, Brothers…

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Looking for some wholesome Black programming not sculpted by Tyler Perry this fall.

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