How To Make The Perfect Action Franchise — ‘The Expendables’ — Even More Perfect

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Now that 'The Expendables 3' is hitting theaters, we can focus on 'The Expendables 4' by creating a dream cast and an awesome action story.


The Adorable ‘Predator’ Kid Is Here To Steal Your Heart And Then Hunt It For Sport

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This kid's family wins all the awards for adorable, but awkward cosplay choices.


Let’s Watch Sylvester Stallone Choreograph The Rocky Vs. Apollo Creed Fight


Via <a href="" target="_blank"></a> comes this awesome clip of Sylvester Stallone working out the fight from the end of Rocky, and it's totally worth watching, especially for the impromptu Carl Weathers acting workshop.

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A Guide To Whether Your Favorite Character Is Returning To ‘Arrested Development’

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The full list of old favorites and new celebrities who will appear in Netflix's "Arrested Development" revival.

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The '80s And The '90s Summarized With Two Pictures (And Links)


Today's links, featuring our future president, an unironic biceps close-up, and a clever dog stealing a cabbage.


Oh, Brothers…

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Looking for some wholesome Black programming not sculpted by Tyler Perry this fall.

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