Now You See It…


After it was revealed that Tiger Woods had snogged just about every Perkins waitress, porn star and party girl on both sides of the Mississippi during his marriage, it seemed pretty obvious that his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, was going to hold him upside down and shake him until every last penny of his billion dollar net worth fell out.


Kobe Bryant Might Need A Bigger Diamond

As always, we take tabloid gossip about our favorite superstar athletes with a grain of salt because tabloids suck, but we also can't ignore their reports because they're usually so hilarious.


Let’s Take A Good Long Look At Kobe Bryant’s Alleged Mistress, Jessica Burciaga


As we learned the other day, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, gave their two young daughters the greatest gift of them all this year – a lifetime of two Christmases.


So What Did Kris Humphries And Kim Kardashian Do With Their Wedding Gifts?


Maybe the coolest thing that I saw on TV this year took place last week when Barbara Walters interviewed her Most Fascinating People of 2011 (that were most likely picked by the ABC network) and she told the Kardashians to their faces: “You don’t really act.


Holler We Want Pre-Nups!


It has been just over 8 years since Katelyn Faber accused Kobe Bryant of sexual assault.


Whatcha Gonna Do When Hulk Hogan And Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake Sue You For Calling Them Gay?


Back in August, Linda Hogan went on just about every hacky radio show that would listen to her about her book, "Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes", and eventually that took her to Matty P’s Happy Hour, which is a show that has featured such celebrities as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and that swastika-tattooed girl that Jesse James slept with.


Saturday Night Live Nailed Kris Humphries


I don't want to dip too much into our uncle Matt's territory, but there was no way I wasn't going to acknowledge the way "Saturday Night Live" absolutely destroyed the Kardashian family and especially Kris Humphries the other night.

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