Elin Nordegren Is Not A Heartless Monster

Two weeks ago, we mentioned that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren (inset, attractive) had bulldozed her $12 million home, with very little reasoning or explanation other than she didn’t like it. Turns out that was a little off, thank goodness, because she had somehow found a way to make herself into at least 1/10th of the villain that El Tigre had.

Nordegren recently defended her decision and explained with verification from her construction team that the house was a death trap, as it had been riddled by termites and rot, which I assume is also her nickname for Woods’ genitals.

So not only does she have a great reason for having to tear down the house that will now ultimately cost her close to $25 million, but she also made the best of it for the sake of helping charity. Before the house was demolished, Nordegren had the construction workers go through the house and salvage anything they could – chandeliers, window frames, doors, etc. – and she donated them all to Habitat for Humanity.

You know, if she wasn’t already seeing another billionaire, I might have considered dating this woman.

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Stuart, Fla. had a record breaking day of sales—$6,348 of $11,691 in purchases came from items that were in Nordegren’s 17,000 square home, according to a report.

Tuesday, the store will be reopening its doors 8:30 a.m. and after two days of restocking the store with even more of Nordegren’s belongings, the Habitat staff expects a lot of interest.

Habitat’s deconstruction team director Bobbi Blodgett said even while the store was closed this Martin Luther King Holiday, people knocked on ReStore’s doors, hoping to get their hands on her things.

(Via ABC Action News)

Maybe if Tiger had kept his hands on her things, we wouldn’t have been in this mess from the start. In related news, Nordegren told TMZ that she has unfortunately scrapped one of the original mansion’s coolest features – a grotto. I suppose that’s one way to limit her ex-husband’s visits. And thus ends today’s edition of “How Many Cheap Jokes Can We Make at a Billionaire Pervert’s Expense?”