dax shepard

Dax Shepard Did A Ride Along With The LAPD To Prepare For ‘CHiPS’

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To prepare for his role as a California Highway Patrol officer in a 'CHiPS' movie, Dax Shepard tagged along with the LAPD.

dax shepard

Dax Shepard Is Writing, Directing, And Starring In The ‘CHiPS’ Movie Nobody Asked For

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Because it hadn't yet been turned into a movie, Warner Bros. and Dax Shepard are bringing 'CHiPS' to the big screen.


California Police Arrest A Firefighter Tending To Accident Vicitims And Everyone Gets Kinda Upset

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The CHP butts heads with some firefighters during an accident on California's I-805, leading to a firefighter in handcuffs for ridiculous reasons.

when this thing hits 88mph...

Qualcomm Debuts New, 75% Faster Chips At CES

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Snapdragon gets a lot snappier, thanks to Qualcomm.

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In His First Screen Role 30 Years Ago, Bryan Cranston Sports A Terrible Southern Accent In CHiPs (And The Morning Links)

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In his very first credited screen role, Bryan Cranston played a car thief in the cheesy motorcycle police series, 'CHiPs.'

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