Warner Bros. Will Reveal What They’ve Done With ‘CHiPs’ And Stephen King’s ‘It’ In 2017

Have you been considering being shot into space, but weren’t quite sure if you could commit to such a thing without the release date of the CHiPs movie stumbling into view? GET READY FOR SOME CLOSURE!

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. will be releasing the big screen adaptation of the NBC motorcycle cop series on August 11, 2017. Former Punk’d prank vendor Dax Shepard is directing and starring in this big screen reboot, which also boasts Michael Pena as a lead. If it’s still plotting the course it was before, the film will be set in this decade, feature an R rating (THIS IS AIN’T YOUR DADDY’S CHiPs!) and apparently will be a bit like Lethal Weapon. The movie, not the TV show, although we understand how this could get very confusing.

That’s not the only former TV property that Warner Bros. has in the chamber. Pennywise will be back to either scare the sh*t out of you or have you moaning Tim Curry did it better when Stephen King’s It arrives in theaters on September 8, 2017. Previously a 1990 miniseries, It features a supernatural lifeform that can turn into its prey’s worst fears and that’s a bummer for whoever faces this versatile villain. Beasts of No Nation helmer Cary Fukunaga was attached to direct for a number of years, but dropped out last May.

Counting down the days for either of these films to hit theaters in 2017? Avoiding these updates like the plague? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

(via Deadline)