A Visual Tour Of The World’s Most Ambitious French Fries

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French fries get a bad rap. Chefs fret over whether to serve them at up-market restaurants because on one hand, they’re simple and cliche, but on the other hand, they’re f*cking delicious. Still, there is some skill to creating the perfect fry — from how you cut the potato to the technique you use to cook them. And of course, you can take the dish to even greater palate-exploding heights with the seemingly endless variations of salty, savory, umami, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter toppings you heap on. Fine, maybe not bitter. Bitter fries sound weird.

Let’s take a visual tour of all the fries you can handle and some seriously spectacular and delicious toppings:

Plain And Simple

Often fries are good enough on their own. A little salt, maybe a spritz of lime and you’re good to go. But in those instances, one would be hard-pressed not to need a sauce for dipping. Mayo, cheese, ketchup, gravy, and egg yolks are solid choices for each fry to bathe in before being enjoyed.

Easy. Simple. Delicious.

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