Travel Your Tastebuds With These 21 Global Chip Flavors


When you get right down to it, chips are just a flavor delivery system. Conservatively speaking, the flavor profile is 80 percent seasoning and only 20 percent fried potato (or corn). Here in the states we have our staples — salt & vinegar, BBQ, sour cream & onion — like wines they each compliment a different dish. Also like wines, it’s occasionally a good idea to forget what they compliment and enjoy them as is (though binge consumption often leads to regret in both cases).

Abroad, tastes differ, but the chip remains and the market is full of flavors that we can’t get here at home. Though some of these flavors might sound completely unappetizing, others are sure to pique your curiosity.

As if you needed another reason to plan a trip out of the country this fall.

Lay’s Pepsi and Chicken

The idea for this chip is almost as good as the commercial for it. From a flavor standpoint: You basically have fried chicken with a caramel reduction — it doesn’t sound half bad.

Burts Guinness 

Don’t you hate sitting at the bar while eating a bar snack? The non-possessive-pronoun using people at Burts do too. From the makers of LEVI ROOTS REGGAE REGGAE and FIRECRACKER LOBSTER.

Walkers Chili and Chocolate

Apparently for a while the Walker’s Crisps people kind of ran with the whole “Vote on a flavor!” trend. Chili, chocolate, and potato chips can work together as a flavor profile — chefs have proven that. Whether it works in a chip is a whole different matter.

Walkers Lamb and Mint

This current round of voting is actually still going on. Lamb & mint is pitted against toasted cheese, Marmite, and beef & onion.

Lay’s Scallop With Garlic Butter

With this offering from Thailand, it’s safe to say Southeast Asia has the “seafood chip market” locked down.

Borsch (Beetroot Soup)

This is another one of those flavors that’s tough to relate to unless you’re a big borsch aficionado or it’s part of your cultural tradition.

Mackie’s Haggis and Cracked Pepper

For those who don’t know, haggis is made from sheep organs, onion, oatmeal, and spices — wrapped in the sheep’s stomach. Thanks for this one, Scotland.

Lay’s Cappuccino

This offering comes from the states. We too can frighten the snack inclined. Thankfully this flavor was short-lived. Another bit of proof that snack flavor contests are dangerous and irresponsible.

Lay’s Blueberry

Sweet, tart, berry flavor mixed with a salty chip sensation — China might be on to something with this one.

Mackie’s Venison and Cranberry

Directly from the Mackie’s website “We’ve combined savoury gamey tones with the sharpness of cranberry to create this wild and unique seasoning!” Deer meat chips? Damn, the U.K.’s unique chip game is on point.

Lay’s Red Caviar

Touché Eastern Europe. Touché.

Brannigan’s Smoked Ham and Pickle

This is from the “chip as the components of the sandwich is used to accompany” school of thought.

Lay’s Crab

Here’s more proof of S.E. Asia’s seafood-snackfood dominance.

Pringles Holiday Selection

Pumpkin spice doesn’t need to be added to everything and not every snack food has the potential to be “seasonalized.” Pringles, you’ve taken a good thing and ruined it for all of us.

Walker’s Cajun Squirrel

Walkers is obviously just f*cking with us at this point. This isn’t real, right?

Walker’s Australian BBQ Kangaroo

Walkers is the friend who is always trying to prove himself to seem relevant. We get it, Walkers.

Real Roast Ox

Straight from the Real crisp company: “We’re sure you’ll be stamping and snorting for more”

Pringles Korean Selection

These all seem like they might work. If you like your snacks fishy tasting.

California Kettles Spicy Bloody Mary

For those hungover Sunday mornings when you need a bloody mary and something greasy to help you keep it down.

Lay’s Cheese Lobster Flavor

Could be differing cultures here, but this one seems weird as all hell.

Lay’s Creamy Garlic Caesar

See, chips can be healthy! This one is practically a salad.