‘CHiPs’ Star Erik Estrada Lives The Dream And Becomes A Real Police Officer

Long before the advent (and over-saturation) of police procedurals, there were the buddy cop shows of the ’70s and ’80s. Those shows eschewed from today’s gritty approach at viewing life protecting the streets for camp and glamour of those protecting the law. There was perhaps no better example of that than 70’s bike cop drama CHiPs. Somehow CHiPs has bore itself into our subconscious and Dax Shepard is creating a full-length feature film revival of sorts of the series because why not? Believe it or not, Erik Estrada, with his feathered mop of hair, his police motorcycle, the black gloves, and the mirrored glasses was a bit of a sex symbol in the 70’s, because there ain’t nothing hotter than the California Highway Patrol.

Erik Estrada has never really let that dream of protecting and serving go, either, as apparently he’s now an actual police officer in Idaho. According to Today, Estrada has officially been sworn in as an officer of the law at the St. Anthony’s Police Department in Idaho. Estrada has been working with the Safe Surfin’ Foundation in part to educate parents and children about dangerous predators lurking on the depths of the Internet. His role with the St. Anthony’s PD is that of a reserve officer focusing on protecting children from dangerous predators, so no to the women in their 40s and 50s primping up their perms hoping that a 67-year-old Erik Estrada is going to pull them over on his patrol bike, that’s not going to happen, but he may be able to help protect your kids from creeps on the internet.

So Internet creeps in Idaho need to beware, chances are that reserve police officer Erik Estrada — better known as Ponch to his enemies — will be coming for you, to make the California highways Internet a safer place for damsels in distress children everywhere.

(Via Today)