Someone Created What Could Be A Real Life ‘Meat Tornado’ With A Bacon ‘Wrap’

By | 4 Comments

Would you eat a meat-filled burrito that is literally wrapped in meat? We'll show you how to make one!


Little Caesars Is Unveiling A Pizza Wrapped With Three And A Half Feet Of Bacon

By | 13 Comments

Today in culinary abominations, we bring you Little Caesars 'Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza.'

culinary abominations

Philadelphia’s PYT Burger Joint Is Offering A Burger And Fries Every Day For A Year For One Low Price

By | 4 Comments

Regardless of how you feel about greasy garbage food, we kind of have to concede that this is an amazing deal.


Philadelphia’s PYT Is Just Trolling Us Now With This Bacon Mac And Cheese Donut

By | 5 Comments

Philadelphia's famed burger joint still seeks to answer the age-old question: What's grosser than gross?


Some Food Critic Actually Tried Guy Fieri’s ‘Cheesecake Challenge’ From His Vegas Kitchen & Bar

By | 34 Comments

Say a prayer for the brave soul who actually braved through Guy Fieri's cheesecake abomination.


Future Heart Attack Patients Rejoice, For KFC Is Bringing Back Your Beloved Double Down!

By | 9 Comments

KFC's is bringing back their 'Double Down' this month, if you didn't get a chance to sample the culinary monstrosity the first time around.


Domino’s Finally Gives The World What It Desperately Needed: Pizza On Top Of Fried Chicken

By | 8 Comments

Domino's Pizza has unveiled their newest nationwide sensation: Pizza With Chicken For A Crust.


This Photo Of A Pre-Cooked McRib Patty May Make You Rethink Ordering A McRib Sandwich

By | 20 Comments

On the bright side, pre-cooked McRib patties do look a lot better than pre-cooked chicken McNuggets, so there's that!


Guy Fieri Didn’t Register The Obvious Web Address For His NYC Restaurant, So The Internet Did It For Him

By | 38 Comments

Guy Fieri didn't register the most obvious URL for Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, so programmer Bryan Mytko registered it and posted a hilarious menu.

s'mores pizza

The Reviews Are In And Guy Fieri’s S’mores Pizza Is Predictably Terrible

By | 59 Comments

In his ongoing effort to terrorize America's tastebuds, Guy Fieri is distributing new food abominations like S'mores pizza across the land.

pizza hut

Pizza Hut Unveils Another Culinary Abomination: Pizza Within A Pizza

By | 11 Comments

When we last checked in on Pizza Hut, they were rolling out a cheeseburger crust pizza in the Middle East. Now, say hello to the "Double Sensation."


Today In Culinary Abominations: Kit Kat Bars Wrapped In Sugary Pizza Dough

By | 13 Comments

Hey, how bout some dessert to go with your cheeseburger crust pizza? Have some Kit Kat bars wrapped in sugary pizza dough, won't you?


Pizza Hut Unveils Latest Culinary Abomination: Cheeseburger Crust Pizza

By | 9 Comments

In an apparent on-going effort to fatten up the rest of the world American-style, Pizza Hut -- which just released a pizza with hot dogs stuffed inside the crust in the UK -- is now offering a cheeseburger crust pizza in the Middle East.


The McRib Is Nothing Less Than An Abomination

By | 18 Comments

Over the past few years, I have watched as the internet has repeatedly worked itself into a frothy, processed meat-craving frenzy each time McDonald's announces that it's selling McRib sandwiches again for "a limited time.

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