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G.O.A.T. Launch Trailer For ‘Goat Simulator’ Parodies The Iconic ‘Dead Island’ Trailer

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In 'Goat Simulator', you are a goat and you destroy everything. Now the game has a launch trailer which parodies the iconic 'Dead Island' trailer.


‘Dying Light’ Shows Off Its Darkly Beautiful World In An Artsy New Trailer

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'Dying Light' wants you to get to know it's deep and broody side...


New ‘Dying Light’ Footage Isn’t For Those Afraid Of The Dark Or Heights

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You don't want to be out on the town when the sun goes down in 'Dying Light'...


Here’s An Excellent Live-Action Remake Of The ‘Dead Island’ Backwards Trailer

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Two years ago we were mesmerized by the 'Dead Island' backwards trailer, and now there's a stellar live-action remake.


‘Dying Light’ Is A First-Person Open-World Zombie Platformer. Say What?

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'Dying Light' -- a breath of fresh air for the zombie genre, or a shambling abomination?

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5 Games You Want, Coming Out This Week (April 21st – 28th)

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Be a well-rounded and keep your eye on these five games, coming out this week...

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9 Games Critics Slammed But Tons Of People Bought Anyways

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Critics dumping on a game doesn't always spell doom...


Lionsgate Options Videogame about Movies about Zombies. Step 3: Profit.

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One of the only concepts more narrow and derivative than the zombie movie is the videogame-adaptation movie, but now, thanks to the zombie videogame Dead Island, Lionsgate is combining the two into what promises to be a new low-water mark for f*cked out sh*tpiles.


Dead Island Roundup, Starring Jason Voorhees


Techland has announced the release of The Bloodbath Arena pack later this month.

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Happy Wednesday, Here's The New Dead Island Multiplayer Trailer

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Look, I realize that we're barely halfway through this workweek, but I don't think that should stop any of us from partying like it's a Friday.


11 Minutes Of “Dead Island” Footage Left My Excitement For Dead

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Did you love the heartrending <a href="../2011/02/dead-island-looks-awesome">first trailer</a> and the <a href="../2011/05/dead-islands-tragedy-hits-paradise-trailer-arrives">"Tragedy Hits Paradise"</a> teaser for Dead Island.

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Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of FIRST VIDEO: The original sound effect clips for Super Mario Bros.


About Those Dead Island Movie Rumors (Plus Mashups)


This weekend it was <a href="">reported</a> all <a href="">over</a> the <a href="">place</a> that Sean Daniel, the producer of Mummy and Wolfman, owns the film rights to the "Dead Island" video game (awesome trailer <a href="../2011/02/dead-island-looks-awesome">here</a>).


Dead Island Looks Awesome

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Reader Timothy sent over the first video below and it is amazing.

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