Trailer for ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ is surprisingly not satire

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Hot off his supporting turn in the critically-acclaimed Looper, which opened last weekend, 20th Century Fox has released a teaser trailer for the comically-named A Good Day to Die Hard, with Max Payne director John Moore relieving Len Wiseman because who even cares anymore.


They really went all out for the new Die Hard poster

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As you can see by this comparison of the new A Good Day to Die Hard poster taken yesterday at a licensing expo in Las Vegas, with the official poster for 2007's Live Free or Die Hard, Fox is really going all out with their marketing efforts.

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Die Hard 5 officially titled ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

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Tom Rothman, CEO of Fox's film division, was a guest on Jim Rome's radio show this morning, where he revealed that the title of the upcoming fifth Die Hard movie will be "A Good Day to Die Hard.

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Die Hard 5 loses director, BUT DON'T WORRY, THEY'RE STILL MAKING IT. YAY.

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Noam Murro had been attached to direct Die Hard 5 since June, taking over for Live Free or Die Hard's Len Wiseman, who's now directing a Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell.

unnecessary sequels

My dog Skip writing Die Hard 5

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I'm the rare person who didn't hate the last Die Hard movie.

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