#Pro Wrestling

The Important And Fascinating Documentary On The Man Dubbed ‘The First Black Wrestler’


Watch this documentary short on an important but rarely discussed part of pro wrestling's history.

#Independent Wrestling

Chuck Taylor’s Chinese Tour Documentary Is Behind-The-Scenes Gold


Independent wrestling star Chuck Taylor posted a mini-documentary of his tour through China, and it's hilarious.

women's wrestling

Watch Professional Wrestler Kimber Lee Take On Gender Stereotypes In This New Documentary Short


Kimber Lee proves why women should simply be viewed as "wrestlers" when they step into the squared circle.

#Independent Wrestling

From Law School To Wrestling School – The Wrestling Documentary Short You Need To See


Kenny Johnson made a documentary short about Veda Scott, and you need to watch it immediately.

slice of life

This Documentary On High School Fashion Shot In 1984-1985 Is Incredible


This slice-of-life high school documentary 'Fashion 1984-1985' is just as amazing as you would expect.


This Computer Generated 10-Year-Old Is Being Used To Catch Sex Offenders


A Dutch ad agency created an entirely computer-generated 10-year-old named Sweetie to catch sex offenders.


This Short Documentary On Toys & Toymakers Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Ever wondered how action figures are made? They are hand-sculpted by toy sculptors, naturally.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Oh hell yes: 30 for 30 Series Does Young Arnold Schwarzenegger


If you missed any of ESPN's This 10-minute movie focuses on the years before Arnold Schwarzenegger was the "Universe's Perfect Specimen," when the young Austrian seized upon an opportunity to use the sport of bodybuilding to catapult himself to international stardom.


'The Violin Maker' Is A Short Documentary About…Wait For It…A Man Who Makes Violins

Brooklyn-based violin maker Samuel Zygmuntowicz has already had a book written about him called "The Violin Maker." But why read the book when you can just watch filmmaker Dustin Cohen's short, interesting documentary -- also titled "The Violin Maker" -- on Zygmuntowicz right here on the internet.

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