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Natalie Dormer Thinks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Needs To Up Its ‘Dong’ Quota

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You can add Natalie Dormer to the list of people who think 'Game of Thrones' lady fans deserve more wieners.


Nathan Fielder Has Been Sneaking Lewd Images Into His Instagram Pictures For Weeks

By | 9 Comments

Nathan Fielder from Comedy Central's "Nathan For You" has been sneaking images into Instagram of an old man masturbating.


Mr. Skin’s New Companion Site Finally Serves Up Meaty Leading Man Parts For The Ladies

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Mr. Skin has put out a new website which documents all of male nudity on films and televisions shows.


Meet The Florida Naked Driver Who Harrassed A Trucker By Masturbating At Him In The Next Lane

By | 5 Comments

A Florida man was was driving down interstate 95 naked when he started harassing a truck driver by masturbating at him.

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Noted Dong Pic Tweeter Anthony Weiner Announces He’ll Run For Mayor Of NYC In Web Video

By | 7 Comments

Disgraced, dong pic-tweeting politician Anthony Weiner is running for mayor of New York City. Let the New York Post penis puns begin!


Pete Rose Saw The Best Of Joe Dimaggio

By | 6 Comments

So there's a story floating around today about how baseball legends Pete Rose and Joe Dimaggio went to Vietnam, which sounds like the opening of a joke.


Is That Brett Favre Choking His Chicken?

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So this Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger-Brett Favre's Penis love triangle has finally come to a, um, head.



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San Antonio Spur and IUPUI alum George Hill apologized for the nude photos that recently showed up on the internet, perhaps because they were so disappointing after the Greg Oden nude photos.



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England's Ashley Young, a 20-year-old striker who got his first cap in England's embarrassing 2-1 loss to Russia that eliminated them from some big competition, has a nice little habit of masturbating on his webcam for strangers.

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