Don’t Expose Your Penis At The NFL Combine, Says The Guy Who Exposed His Penis At The NFL Combine

Remember when Chris Jones, who was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, had his dong flop out of his shorts at last year’s NFL combine? If you don’t, here’s the NSFW, slo-motion video of that moment.

It’s easy to refer to this as the video where the dude’s penis flies out of his shorts during the 40, but it’s important to acknowledge that a 300-pound man also landed on said penis and probably dragged it for a bit on the turf. They don’t make band-aids specifically for that.

One year later, Jones has advice for anyone planning to run in short shorts at this year’s combine. From TMZ:

“Just whatever you do, do it balls out. I was actually wearing boxers instead of tights. That’s why I tell everyone please wear tights. You don’t want to have that type of moment on your resume everyone wouldn’t know how to handle it. I think more people remember me from running with my c*ck out than whatever I did at the combine.”

Would he put tights on if he could do it again?

“I’d put the boxers back on. I’m going back with the boxers. If I could do it all over again, I’d do it the same way. Make it fall out properly at the 5 instead of the 10 this time.”

Not all heroes wear capes. Or tights, apparently.