Drafthouse Invites You On A Weed-Filled Party Bus With Paul Thomas Anderson

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I can't think of a better way to see 'Inherent Vice' than after a stoned bus trip with Paul Thomas Anderson.


Supercut: The Greatest Movie Deaths Of All Time

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The greatest movie deaths of all time, as chosen by the directors of ABCs of Death 2.


The Designer of ABCs Of Death 2’s Giant Silicone Penis Talks Practical FX


FX artist Soichi Umezawa tells us how he made some of his weirdo creations, weighs in on practical fx vs. CGI, and more.


The Golden Age Of Norris And Bronson Movies Comes Alive In ‘Electric Boogaloo’

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Meet the guys who brought the world 'Over the Top' and 'Bloodsport.'


Drafthouse Will Release ‘Act Of Killing’ Follow-Up ‘The Look Of Silence’

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If 'Act of Killing' wasn't intense enough for you, some of the subjects get confronted by their victims in 'The Look Of Silence.'


Check Out This Badass Exclusive Mondo Poster For ‘Borgman’

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An exclusive Mondo poster for Alex Van Warmerdam's 'Borgman,' from Drafthouse, plus the first five minutes.


Drafthouse Founder Tim League Is Literally Peeing His Pants So You’ll See ‘Cheap Thrills’

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Go see 'Cheap Thrills,' or Drafthouse founder Tim League is going to keep pissing himself.

MS. 45

INTERVIEW: Director Abel Ferrara talks ‘Ms. 45′ and Paying Guys to Screw His Girlfriend

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"At that time it seemed like an exorbitant amount of money to f*ck your girlfriend, and he couldn't even get it up, I mean, that's kind of an insult."


Interview: A Band Called Death

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One of the downsides of film festivals is that you see some incredible movies, and you want to shout it from the mountaintops, but so often you come to find out that it might be many months or even years before the film in question is available anywhere to the general public again.


‘Miami Connection’ has a new trailer. Praise Jesus.

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If you took my complete and utter apathy for another three-hour Hobbit movie and reversed the polarity, you'd get Miami Connection, a film that combines mullets, 80s synth-pop, sword fights, ninjas, girls in nightclubs with their boobs flopping everywhere and karate.

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