Drafthouse Releases A Trailer And Poster For ‘Dangerous Men,’ ‘The Holy Grail Of Holy F***ing S**t!’

The folks at Drafthouse Films just sent over the official one-sheet and trailer for Dangerous Men (“The holy grail of holy f***ing s**t!” according to them), and yep, it still looks like something that would definitely be up our alley. If you’ll remember, Dangerous Men is an obscure, labor of love by oddball Iranian-American named John Rad. It took him 26 years to finish it before its initial release in 2004 and though it didn’t get much love before Rad’s death in 2007, Drafthouse is now hoping it will become the cult favorite to the rest of the world it already is to them.

After Mina witnesses her fiancé’s brutal murder by beach thugs, she sets out on a venomous spree to eradicate all human trash from Los Angeles. Armed with a knife, a gun, and an undying rage, she murders her way through the masculine half of the city’s populace. A renegade cop is hot on her heels, a trail that also leads him to the subhuman criminal overlord known as Black Pepper.

It’s a pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, brain-devouring onslaught of ’80s thunder, ’90s lightning, and pure filmmaking daredevilry from another time and/or dimension. Blades flash, blood flows, bullets fly and synthesizers blare as the morgue overflows with the corpses of DANGEROUS MEN. [Drafthouse]

Yep, sounds great. Also, I’m convinced that guy on the bottom right of the poster is Stan Lee’s long lost brother. Here’s the trailer:

Dangerous Men hits select theaters November 16 and OnDemand in December.