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Start The New Year With A Giant Sea Monster In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Earth 2′ #30


Here's a sea monster fighting a giant eyeball to start your New Year off right.


‘Astro City': The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week, And More Reviews


'Astro City' makes its triumphant return, as the comic you should be reading this week.


The Comic You Need To Read This Week: ‘Earth 2′ #4

By | 11 Comments

'Earth 2' becomes something worth reading this week.


And The Newly-Outed Gay Character In DC Comics Is…

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Improperly-opened champagne bottles are a must for any blackest night.


The New 52's Second Wave: How Is It So Far?

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Yesterday was New Comic Book Day, and on the shelves were the replacements for the books DC didn't like in the New 52, which at least got eight issues apiece.


20 Photos of the New 52’s Second Wave

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As we all know, some of the New 52 are being shown the door after eight issues and being replaced next month with a bunch of new books: "Earth 2", which gives James Robinson the Justice Society to play with again.


What's Up with DC's "Earth 2"?

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Well, it's DC, so really reintroducing the Multiverse was only a matter of time.

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