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oh god

Facebook Fail-Log: The Year In Review


It's been a year of learning of us here at UPROXX.

Facebook Fail-Log: December Edition


We always knew that little creeper was up to no good.

Facebook Fail-Log: November Edition


Last month, we had <a href="">creepy psychosis in the Sims, a vigilante justifying her terrible park job, and a terrible misuse of ChatRoulette</a>.

Facebook Fail-Log: October Edition


Last month, <a href="">we had heaping helpings of TMI with a side of hot spicy racism</a>, but in September, Facebook looked back.

Facebook Fail-Log: September Edition


Did the month of August, with its earthquakes and hurricanes, bring modesty and self-reflection to Faceboo-oh who are we kidding.

Facebook Fail-Log: August Edition


Last month on the Fail-Log, we discovered that many of us live in <a href="">blissful ignorance of the world around us</a>.

Facebook Fail-Log: July Edition

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Last month on the Fail-Log, we had.

Social Media

Facebook Fail-Log: June Edition

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Last month, we had <a href="">a future alcoholic being a jerk to his mom, a current alcoholic learning the hard way she shouldn't check in to every location, and somebody who will become an alcoholic once he learns the double meaning of the term "facial"</a>.

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