A ‘Futurama’ Tribute Shut Down Trains Across Southwestern Connecticut

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Bender got as close to killing all humans as he ever will thanks to this Futurama tribute gone wrong.


Italian ‘Ghostbusters’ Fan Builds Note-Perfect Set Replica

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Behold, the basement set of 'Ghostbusters', perfectly remade by an Italian.

#LeBron James

When Tributes To LeBron James Go Wrong


Last week, a group of students from California’s Woodcreek High School decided it would be a totally radical and boss idea to pay tribute to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James before their team’s big game against rival Roseville High.


Yep, That's An Airbrushed Skip Bayless Shirt

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There were a lot of heroes at last night’s NBA Draft in New Jersey, from the Boston Bros (BROSTON!) to the Knicks Bros to the ninja-like Heat Bros to this hilarious Brooklyn Nets kid and the awesome finger-wagging Knicks kid.


This Is The Best Miami Heat Celebration And Restaurant Commercial You'll Ever See

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The Miami Heat’s victory parade began today at 11 a.m., regardless of how much Tropical Storm Debby wants to trickle all over Florida, but for most people it’s merely a continuation of a party that started last Thursday night after the Heat won the NBA Finals in 5 games.


These Guys Love Devin Hester

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As much as I profess to hate the sports-inspired rap offerings of guys like Chet Haze, I am a sucker for a corny, over-the-top musical tribute to professional athletes.

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