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Hear An Unreleased Nas Freestyle From The ‘Illmatic’ Era

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Nas gets nasty on an unearthed freestyle from 1993.


Kanye West’s ‘First Freestyle With No Rhymes’ Was Over Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Closer’

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Not news: Kanye West argued with someone. News: he freestyled over NIN's "Closer."


It's Friday So Here's A GIF Tribute To Heroic Girls With Hula Hoops

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One of the best perks of this gig, behind only working in my underwear and making Photoshops of Channing Tatum, is that people often send me very strange links, images and videos under the assumption that I’m into that kind of stuff.


Probably the best Juggalo freestyle of all time

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I know this is a strong statement, and it's going to seem like hyperbole, but I stand by it: this is probably the best Juggalo freestyle I've ever seen.


Chet Haze is playing SXSWeezy, y’all

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A week ago, I'd still be convinced this whole Chet Haze thing was an elaborate joke.

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It Used To Make Sense…

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Dear Common, Once upon a time you were our success story.



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At the hotel afterparty following the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis this weekend, someone dared Corey Haim to rap, which makes complete sense considering the people there were by definition fans of things that are horrible.


“I’m On My $40 Phone, I Don’t Got A Blackberry”

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List of things that Ron Artest loves: (1) His kids.


Video: Asher Roth XXL Freestyle

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In the comments yesterday, Benny Blanco said: I hear TSS talkin about all the dudes on the xxl cover but never Asher Roth I wanna know yall opinion on homie I personally just dunno about him yet I havent jumped on the band wagon quite yet gotta listen to more songs I guess Well, here's Asher's XXL freestyle.

Really Doe

Really Doe – Freestyle In The Park

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In the studio with Really Doe, yeah he next up.


Video: Mickey Factz XXL Freestyle

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I guess it's time for me to lay my claim.


Video: Blu XXL Freestyle

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I was just telling K1ng yesterday, Blu is fast becoming one of my favorite MCs.


Murs And DJ Quik Freestyle At Amoeba Records

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A fast favorite MC + A timeless, ageless legend + Hollywood's best block of commercial real estate = Fresh As F*ck.


Video: Joell Ortiz – Loud.Com Freestyle

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The homie John Public shot me this one.


50 Cent – Here I Am Freestyle

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Guess he found time to make a new track.

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