Aminé Reveals His Top Five Rappers In A Devastating Freestyle Over A Classic Clipse Instrumental

Portland rap star Aminé may be better known for sunny, catchy pop hits like “Caroline” and “Spice Girl,” but he doesn’t shy away from spitting straight heat when he has to. Just check out his recent appearance on the LA Leakers show, where he rattles off an impressive barrage of battle-ready rhymes over Clipse’s classic, Neptunes-produced beat for “Momma, I’m So Sorry.”

The nice guy goes out the window as Aminé channels his most pugnacious raps to suit the aggressive stance of the Clipse original, with brash lines challenging haters and competitors alike. “F*ck my shoes, you can’t even fit in my socks,” he boasts, before goading opposers, “N—-s who don’t like me are the type to eat a Tide pod,” referencing the recent Youtube trend of teens downing the detergent product as part of an ill-advised challenge.

Meanwhile, Aminé also waves the flag for hip-hop, celebrating the genre’s recent ubiquity while questioning the accompanying appropriation that has the mainstream mining the once-overlooked subculture. “Rap the new rock and roll, motherf*cka / And if you don’t like it, better roll, motherf*cka,” he crows, before sneering, “Since when did pop songs have a f*ckin’ 808?”

He saves the best boast for last, ending the verse with a stunning declaration: “My top five is only Aminé times five,” he declares, before tossing his headphones and vacating the studio, leaving hosts Justin Credible and DJ Sour Milk in awe.