Chris Delia Perfectly Imitates Eminem’s ‘Bodied’ 11-Minute Freestyle In A Hilarious New Parody Video

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Comedian Chris D’Elia’s spot-on impression of Eminem is basically already internet legend. The comedian posted a video to his Instagram mocking the rapper’s voice and mannerisms while “freestyling” in his car shortly after the release of Eminem’s surprise album, Kamikaze. The clip swept social media like wildfire, becoming a common response to any posts about Eminem, whether praise or parody. Now, since Eminem returned to the social media consciousness after his verse on Boogie’s “Rainy Days” met a critical response from listeners, D’Elia apparently decided to return to the well himself. Of course, the sequel had to top the original, so D’Elia went even bigger with his satire, moving the production from his car to a real on-location shoot. Check it out below:

The new video arrived Wednesday night with the caption, “WOW Eminem goes SO fucking hard. Rare footage I just dug up from him in the cypher. Once again proving he is the GOAT!” In the video, D’Elia clearly takes inspiration from Eminem’s recent, 11-minute freestyle video, which was shot at the Shelter at St. Andrew’s in Detroit in honor of the release of the Eminem-produced film Bodied. D’Elia roams a garage full of moving boxes, once again adopting the scratchy-voiced impression of Eminem’s rap delivery. Like Eminem in his last few freestyle videos, D’Elia paces back and forth and walks away from the camera before delivering breathless bunches of fast-paced, hyper-assonant rhymes, which are mostly nonsense. The result is a pitch-perfect parody of one hip-hop’s most well respected rappers, with just enough absurdity and derision to remain hilarious.