Denzel Curry Does It All Himself On The Impressive ‘Psycho Criminal Blues’ Freestyle

Wednesday night, Denzel Curry tweeted out a link to a freestyle. There wasn’t a firewall to get past, but rather fire bars that support Curry’s quest to become the future de facto leader of the current generation of hip-hop. Outside of YBN Cordae, there might not be another early twenty-something male rapper to rival Curry’s quest. The Florida native’s last two albums in as many years each charted inside the Billboard 200’s top 35, with the latter allowing Curry to make his television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And, judging by the retweets and likes of his latest freestyle, Denzel Curry stans will make sure the industry puts more respect on Curry’s name.

Curry casually rhymed for almost two minutes on a couch after quickly plugging his latest full-length release Zuu. Curry waxed poetic from the gate in the opening bars.

“Follow my drift, then follow the lingo that spit when it drip from my lips,” Curry says. “Cup runneth over, aftermath under the apocalypse where only enter the rover/That’s not a chauffeur, that is the brother who’s older that stay with a chip on his shoulder/With the flame thrower, I lay you low or below like the heart of an insecure gopher/Hidden Tacoma, eternal comas, banished in Yoda then hopped in Toyota, yoda.”

(Insert perpetual fire emojis here)

After the freestyle, Montreality TV asks Curry what’s on his mind.

“People comparing my f*cking old albums to new ones,” Curry said. “I’m tired of people comparing my old s*it to my new s*it, just accept it.”

Consider this new freestyle accepted.