Gmail And Google+ Are Down All Across The World

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Gmail and Google+ are down. Guess that means it's time to call it a week.


Anybody On Google+ Can Now Spam You

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Google+ is about to become a massive spam factory, thanks to Google's new "innovation."

nice while it lasted

Ads Are Coming To Your GMail App, Sadly

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With 4.6, the GMail app will begin seeing ads. Also, Reader is still dead.


Google Has Revamped Gmail Again

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Get ready, you guys...your Gmail inbox is about to change drastically again. Thanks, Google!


Text Message Spam May Lead To Your Gmail Getting Hacked By Spammers

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I've noticed, as have many others, an influx of text message spam over the past few months.


Google Is Now Stuffing Google Plus Into Your GMail

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In its ongoing quest to make you use Google Plus even though nobody, anywhere, cares about it, Google is going to offer more "integration" with your GMail.

gmail down

!!! OMG Gmail Is Down !!!


No, you're not the only one who just screamed, "What the f*ck, Gmail.


Why Does Russia Want to Shut Down GMail?


Russia is, as we all know, currently in the process of getting over this whole "democracy" thing and getting back to being the oppressive brutal regime it once was before Stalin died and things went all wussy.

jokes made real

Gmail Motion Actually Real?


Every year, Google has an April Fools gag, like a plan to print out your emails and send them to you, or unleashing an AI on the Internet to build a website (said AI has since invaded government servers).


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Buzz These Nuts

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Google has decided to try and outdo Apple's attempt at "recycling crap for mass consumption" competition.


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