Deep Sea Animals With Googly Eyes Are The Cutest Nightmare Fuel You’ll See Today

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Deep Sea Fauna With Googly Eyes is a single-serving Tumblr using stick-on googly eyes to dramatically improve terrifying deep sea creatures.


Celebrity Googly Eyes Is Just Getting Started, Seems Unclear On What Constitutes A Celebrity

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Building on the good times <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2011/12/x-men-with-googly-eyes-greatly-improves-bad-covers" target="_blank">"X-Men with Googly Eyes" concept</a> a new Tumblr has emerged that ups the ante by adding GIF'd up googly eyes to celebrity photos.


“X-Men With Googly Eyes” Greatly Improves Bad Covers

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Dwain Smith is a man with three things: crafting supplies, an extensive collection of X-Men comics, and comedic genius.

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