April Fools’ Day Pranks That Probably Won’t Make You A Terrible Person

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This is why my kids have trust issues.” [via]

April Fools’ Day is coming soon, so we’re continuing our tradition from previous years of sharing prank ideas that probably won’t make you lose friends and alienate people. The same ground rules still apply:

We’re leaving out pranks that make people genuinely fear for their safety. We’re also avoiding pranks that could easily lead to an injury. No pranks that could do expensive damage to other people’s property. No pranks that cost people jobs or get people sued. No pranks that would take an unreasonable amount of time for someone to clean up. In other words, no sociopathic stuff. Just silliness.

Because it’s April Fools’ Day, not “Prove You’re A Dick” Day.

And we’ll add one more ground rule this year: No messing with potential allergies. We’ve been seeing a lot of pranks involving tricking someone into eating something, so here’s a reminder that you might not know their allergies and some foods kill people. Involuntary homicide isn’t so much a “prank” as it is a felony.

But enough disclaimers, let’s get to the funny pictures.

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These are easy to do. If you don’t have a local craft store or dollar store, you can get 500 small googly eyes for less than $5 or 28 big googly eyes for about $9 on Amazon.

Or you could just tell people to “check if the milk’s gone bad“…

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That’s such a dad joke. And speaking of inexpensive dad jokes…


Along the lines of trolling relatives, plenty of people have used pictures and inexpensive frames to prank family, friends, and coworkers:

“How long will Kim Jong Un remain up on the staff picture wall?” [via]

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“Stuck a photo of Nic Cage to the reverse camera of my boyfriends car.” [via]

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“Fiancée hasn’t noticed yet.” [via]

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You can go with something even simpler and print out a fake sign, like this “voice-activated” security door:

Or these “use other door” signs that twillagers placed on two employee entrances that are about 150 yards apart.

Or you could get people thinking with a paper cup and a sharpie.

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You could also replace some $7 Ferrero Rocher or other ball-shaped candy with healthy Brussels sprouts:


Replacing desserts with vegetables is a common April Fools’ Day theme:

But why limit it to desserts? Vegetables can be found in other places, such as when a remote’s batteries need replacing:

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Although sometimes the food pranks aren’t well received…

These next two might be too mean, but points for style. First, there’s the guy who made his wife freak out by rolling down their car’s window, spreading broken glass by the door, and staging a scene:

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And there’s also welder22, who is playing the long game, saying, “My old front porch floor lasted 97 years. By my calculations, this prank may not pay off until 2114.”

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Oh, it’s just a full-sized poseable skeleton, which is a totally normal thing to have. That one’s ceramic, but a plastic one is about $55 on Amazon, and they even have an option to set up a recurring delivery of this item in case you need a surfeit of skeletons. No questions asked.

Or maybe you’d prefer just a skull? That’s $14.

Those two pranks seem like a lot of work, though. Maybe just keep it simple?

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Who couldn’t use a giant spider? (The answer is everyone. Everyone could not use this. If I see this, I’m lighting it and its surroundings on fire. Goodbye, my entire house. You and the spider are one with the fire now.)

Happy April Fools’ Day, jerks.