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Allow The Tea Party Insult Generator To Waste Several Hours Of Your Lives

By | 12 Comments

The Tea Party Insult Generator uses actual insults left on John Boehner's Facebook page to create fresh, new insults.


The House Stenographer Went Crazy Yelling About Freemasons And God On C-SPAN

By | 29 Comments

It's impossible to not use the word "crazy" when someone's yelling about the Freemasons.


A GOP Consultant Talking About ‘Bunny Sex’ Leads Anderson Cooper To Ask: ‘Are You High?’

By | 7 Comments

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos explained to Anderson Cooper what Ted Cruz is doing: he's having "bunny sex."


‘The Daily Show’ Enlisted A Former F.B.I. Hostage Negotiator To Help Free The Government From The GOP

By | 36 Comments

Jason Jones calls in a hostage negotiator to help deal with a Republican strategist in an attempt to end the government shutdown.

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Now Using The Government Shutdown To Insult People To Their Faces

By | 14 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel once again used the government shutdown to make fun of people, though he's barely hiding it anymore.


Federal Employees Can Now Get Free Vibrators During This Government Shutdown

By | 10 Comments

The folks at vibrators.com are offering federal employees free vibrators during the government shutdown.


President Obama Takes His Shutdown Government To The Apple Store


With nowhere else to turn, Barack Obama tries to get some advice at the Genius Bar.


Fox News Reported On A Fake Story Demonizing Obama From A Satirical Website

By | 39 Comments

Fox News continues to be excellent with their hard-hitting coverage of fake news stories.


'The Daily Show' Tracked Down The Republican Who Voted Against The Shutdown To Learn Why He Hates America

By | 80 Comments

Samantha Bee was on the seen with "Representative Scott Rigell: Republican Traitor."


Stephen Colbert Heroically Saved A Wedding That Was Ruined By The Government Shutdown

By | 14 Comments

Stephen Colbert officiated a couple's wedding that was supposed to take place at the Jefferson Memorial.

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Jimmy Kimmel Continues To Confuse The Hell Out Of People About The Government Shutdown

By | 4 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel sent a correspondent onto the street armed with another confusing political question.


Allow John Oliver To Explain Why Congress Is The Time Warner Cable Of Government

By | 38 Comments

I'll leave the lesson to him but it involves both Time Warner Cable and X-Men so now I get it.

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Watch A Tea Party Congressman Get All Up In A Park Ranger's Face Over A Closed National Park

By | 92 Comments

Tea Party congressman Randy Neugebauer - who voted to shut down the government - got verbally abusive with a park ranger for a park being shut down.


Washington DC Businesses Are Offering Federal Employees Free Stuff During The Shutdown

By | 5 Comments

Federal employees out of work during this government shutdown are being treated to a variety of free things from grateful Washington DC businesses.

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Flaming Lips, Pharrell Are Offering 2-For-1 ‘Affordable Ticket Act’ Tickets Because Screw The Government


Thanks to the government shutdown, you can buy two-for-one Flaming Lips tickets.


WWII Vets ‘Storm’ Closed Memorials With Help Of A-Hole Policiticians Responsible For Government Shutdown

By | 17 Comments

Wingnuts in Congress responsible for the government shutdown are using elderly veterans as political pawns. Politicians are the f*cking worse.


The NASA Instagram Account Is An Early Casualty Of The Government Shutdown

By | 8 Comments

NASA has shutdown its Instagram page due to the government shutdown. Now we won't have any pictures of space mixed in with all the food pics in our feeds.


‘It’s A F*cking Law': Jon Stewart Went To Town On The GOP Over The Government Shutdown

By | 141 Comments

Oh boy. "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart is none too pleased with the government shutdown.

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