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The Ultimate Zombie Headshot Supercut


The best <a href="">zombie</a> kills in movie and TV history, all in one video.


Gunplay: A Tribute to Movie Gunfights


A collection of some of the most entertaining gunfights in cinematic history.


Texas Man Shoots Escort For Refusing To Sleep With Him, Is Found Not Guilty

By | 30 Comments

A 30-year old Texas man named Ezekial Gilbert was acquitted of murder yesterday, after a Bexar County jury determined that he justifiably shot a 23-year old escort in 2009.

3D printing

Why You Shouldn’t Be Freaked Out About 3D Printed Guns

By | 8 Comments

A 3D printed gun isn't a sign of anything other than gun nerds being gun nerds. Here's why.

bullets made of chocolate

Joe Biden Endorses 7 Year-Old’s Idea To Create Guns That Only Shoot Chocolate Bullets

By | 6 Comments

Joe Biden wrote a letter to a second grader endorsing the kid's idea to make bullets made of chocolate, probably because he wants to eat them all.

3D printing

The First ‘Fully’ 3D-Printed Gun Had A Successful Test Firing (Video)

By | 24 Comments

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed has tested a "fully" 3D-printed gun with mixed results. These are interesting times, y'all.


Chael Sonnen’s Mom Almost Murdered Yushin Okami With A Shotgun

By | 2 Comments

We've written a lot about UFC Light Heavyweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen this week.

local news

Cop Accused of Using Gun to Speed Up McDonald’s Drive-Thru


A police officer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's restaurant is accused of pulling a gun on the customer ahead of him because the officer was angry at having to wait for his food.


A Man Shot Himself At The NRA 500, Because Of Course He Did


It's very difficult to share a news story that starts with, "a man shot himself at the NRA 500," and give it the proper gravity.


Wounded Store Owner Fights Off Gunmen With Bat


Raw footage of a Chicago store owner taking a bullet and then furiously swinging a baseball bat to fend off a pair of robbers.


The Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun


Bill Gates wants to give money to projects that improve condoms and the condom application process.


Meme Watch: 'Thumbs and Ammo' Gives Iconic Movies A PG-Rated Makeover

By | 6 Comments

'Thumbs and Ammo' takes iconic movie scenes and replaces all of the firearms with a friendly thumbs up. Hey, at least it isn't walkie talkies.


Want To Support Little League Baseball? Buy This Assault Rifle

By | 5 Comments

Last year, a raffle to support a small-town Illinois little league team raised only $10.

3D printing

3D-Printed Guns Take A Huge Leap Forward: Homebrew AR Receiver Fires Hundreds Of Rounds

By | 15 Comments

Defense Distributed show the new addition to their 3D-printed gun collection: the first 3D-printed receiver to fire .223 caliber high-pressure rifle rounds.


Audi Paintball Duel


Two brand new 2013 RS 4 Avants with mounted paintball guns take over a military aircraft hangar and go head to head in the ultimate paintball duel.


Florida Friday: Woman shot by oven while trying to make waffles

By | 27 Comments

By now, we're all familiar with the ubiquitous "<a href="" target="_blank">Florida Man</a>" stories.


Supercut: You Shot Me!


Everyone's talking about TV/movie gun violence, including the victims.


Lil Wayne Brought A Gun To A Miami Heat Game And Doesn't Understand Why That Might Be Weird

By | 13 Comments

Sure, Lil' Wayne is one of the most prolific rappers of all time, but his days off almost exclusively involve the following: 1.


Less Guns, More Punching


The National Punching Association makes its case for the human fist as America's weapon of choice.


The NRA Thinks You Should Probably Kill Doug Flutie

By | 20 Comments

Gun control debates are at an all-time high.

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