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Microsoft Has Decided To Finally Get Rid Of Internet Explorer

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Microsoft's Internet Explorer is finally headed for that great Recycle Bin in the sky.

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The Vulnerability Just Discovered Within Internet Explorer Is Much Worse Than You Think

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Internet Explorer is vulnerable going back to IE 6... and that's even worse news than you think.


A Website Is Buying Its Customers New Computers Rather Than Put Up With Internet Explorer 7

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Internet Explorer 7 has become so expensive to support, one website is willing to give away hardware just to get rid of it.


Meme Watch: Pop Culture Is Horrified By That Internet Explorer Icon On Your Desktop

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Internet Explorer is sadly not going away. Might as well make fun of its icon sitting there on your desktop.


If Don Draper Handled Modern Marketing


As we've been priming ourselves for the return of Mad Men and providing a crash course on Classic Rogers I can't help but think about the numerous business ventures in our modern internet era that could have used the Don Draper touch.


Microsoft Tries To Convince Hipsters To Use Internet Explorer

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You know, our stock of Internet Explorer jokes were getting stale.


Internet Explorer Users Might Not Be Borderline Retarded After All


Remember that story last week about the intelligence of the average Internet Explorer user barely registering above what modern medicine classifies as mentally retarded.


Internet Explorer Users Much Dumber Than Non-Internet Explorer Users, Says Science

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Every joke about Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer users -- which are typically centered around the awfulness of the browser and room temperature IQ of the people who willingly use it -- are funny because they're true (Seriously, the only valid excuse for using IE is being forced to by an employer).


Who’s Leading In The Internet Horse Race?


In the world of software, nothing matters quite as much as being the market leader.

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