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19-Year-Old Invents Way To Clean The Ocean Of Plastic Garbage

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The Ocean Cleanup Array may just save our asses. Or at least make for better sushi.


Introducing ‘Tailly’, The Robotic Tail That Lets Humans Express Emotion Like Dogs

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A Japanese man is trying to raise funds for Tailly, which is a robotic tail for humans to wear and express emotion like animals.


The Screw-In Coffin


Donald Scruggs knows being buried vertically in a coffin that screws into the ground is not for everyone.

Go Urban Cargo Pants

Yeah, So Um, This Exists: Solar-Powered Pants


You know, every now and then I'm able to disconnect from my busy daily schedule and pretend that, for a brief moment, I'm an elite fashion reporter, sent here to earth to cover all things faaaabulous.


The Flying Parachute Jesus Car Isn’t a Joke?


Steve Saint of i-Tec had a problem to solve; how do doctors, missionaries, etc.

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