Friday Morning Media: This Week’s 10 Most Promising Web Contents Created From Thursday Night Television


Every Friday morning I hazily mine the web for ideas and content I intend to delight you with prior to sending you off for the weekend.


The Best Of #Jack Donaghy


30 Rock is finally back this week.


Swanson Vs. Donaghy: There Can Be Only One

This is exactly what I needed to help lift me out of my Community funk.


Pop-Flavoring Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Is The New Planking Or Something

Our friend Jon Defreest is clearly the originator and master of Ben & Jerry's pop culture variations, but like anything the internet loves and that brings joy to the hearts of Arrested Development geeks everywhere there are bound to be imitators.

#david letterman

Alec Baldwin Was Just Delightful On Letterman Last Night, Unveils Smoking Hot, Much-Younger Girlfriend

Alec Baldwin was on Letterman last night to promote 30 Rock going into syndication this week on Comedy Central and WGN America, and since we're already celebrating this week as Jack Donaghy week in America, unofficially, we'd be failing all of you if we didn't post the interview, as it was almost as rollicking and hilarious as the rollicking and hilarious interview Letterman recently did with Harrison Ford.


Jack Donaghy Multipanes Are The Best


I have a feeling we're going to be paying a lot of attention to returning fall TV over the next couple of weeks, so before we claw our way out of the doldrums of August I think it's only appropriate we revisit how awesome Jack Donaghy is since 30 Rock isn't returning till midseason.


The Ron Swanson TV Dinner Is The New Ron Swanson Ice Cream

Vulture has gotten in on the Ron Swanson viral bonanza by commissioning graphic artist Jon Defreest, who recently enjoyed copious amounts of viral success with his Ron Swanson Ben & Jerry's flavor, to create the Ron Swanson themed TV dinner.


Jack Donaghy For Mayor And The Best Of Fictional Character Political Posters


Alec Baldwin publicly flirted with the idea of running for mayor of New York City last week.

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