The Ron Swanson TV Dinner Is The New Ron Swanson Ice Cream

Vulture has gotten in on the Ron Swanson viral bonanza by commissioning graphic artist Jon Defreest, who recently enjoyed copious amounts of viral success with his Ron Swanson Ben & Jerry’s flavor, to create the Ron Swanson themed TV dinner. It makes sense. Ron Swanson coined “Turf & Turf” and his last name is Swanson. Wonder how no one came up with the idea before. Shoulda been there.

I particularly approve of the addition of “Enjoy it or don’t. I couldn’t care less.” Really brings the whole thing home. I just made a second mental note to use that line more going forward. And no, not in the bedroom. OK, maybe in the bedroom.

Lost in the popularity of the Swanson-related awesomeness are some of Defreest’s other kick @ss works of pop culture graphic art, like Dwight Schrute Ice Cream, Boba Fett Ice Cream, and the Jack Donaghy for Mayor poster I used as the jumping off point for this Fictional Character Political Posters piece a while back. I’ve included all of the best stuff found on his Jonny Etc Tumblr after the jump. Mmmm, scotch flavored…

Always money in the banana stand…

The prospects of Ghostbusters 3

It’s all about the handshakefulness…

Sources: Vulture and Breakfast Safari