Important ‘Community’ News: Star-Burns Only Signs Jeff’s Face When Autographing Memorabilia

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Is Star-Burns hatred for Jeff Winger so strong it's bled into real life?


The 12 Most Effectively Sexy Examples Of TV Fan Service

By | 12 Comments

Don't feel like a monster for enjoying Joel McHale and Summer Glau in their underwear.


Joel McHale’s Autographed ‘Modern Warfare’ Script Is Such A Classic Winger

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Joel McHale would never print out a new front page just because he started to make the autograph out to Pete.


Here's The Actor Not Named Bill Murray Who Will Be Playing Jeff Winger's Dad On 'Community'

By | 32 Comments

According to Entertainment Weekly, actor James Brolin will play Jeff Winger's dad, William, in an upcoming episode of "Community."


10 Classic 'Wingers' From 'Community' Season 3

By | 7 Comments

The three-part Community finale looms large this evening for a variety of reasons and I welcome it with both excitement and sadness.

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