The 12 Most Effectively Sexy Examples Of TV Fan Service

Community is very good at giving fans exactly what they want, while also winking at them. Take, for instance, Annie Edison’s infamous “Santa Baby” scene. Yes, it was Alison Brie in a revealing Santa outfit, pouting her way through a very sexy song, but the entire point of the scene was, to quote writer Megan Ganz, “a satire of the way that those ‘Santa Baby’ songs infantilize women’s sexuality.” She then added, “Of course, it’s Alison Brie doing it, so it’s going to be sexy.” Also sexy, especially for women: Jeff Winger in his underwear playing pool. Did a nearly-naked Jeff Winger stand for anything? No, not really — it was just an excuse to see his abs. It’s a perfect example of “fan service.” TV Tropes describes it best:

Characters in skimpy clothing, or skin-tight clothing, or none at all, under the assumption that it will attract or “reward” viewers. The character is usually female, though fanservice of male characters is far from uncommon. (Via)

On one hand, you feel creepy for enjoying what you’re watching; on the other, well, the other hand’s busy HARF HARF HARF. Here are 12 of the most effectively sexy examples of TV fan service.

1. Sydney seducing a bad guy in her lingerie while an AC/DC song plays (Alias)

2. Scully gets an orgasmic tattoo in “Never Again” (The X-Files)

3. T’Pol had a stunning amount of decontamination scenes on Enterprise… (Star Trek: Enterprise)

4. Bill arriving at Sam’s door without a shirt on (True Blood)

5. Captain Jack being stripped naked in front of “millions of viewers” (Doctor Who)

6. Cameron walking into a room in her underwear for some reason (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

7. The infamous Adama towel scene (Battlestar Galactica)

8. Shirtless Jackie Nevada (Justified)

9. Cuddy gives Dr. House a show (House)

10. Yvonne Strahovski becoming the latest in a long line of Princess Leia cosplayers (Chuck)

11a. Arya becomes a woman looking at Gendry (Game of Thrones)

11b. The infamous “sexposition” scene (Game of Thrones)

12. Phoebe and Rachel FINALLY (finally?) kiss (Friends)