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JetBlue Is Cutting Back On Legroom And Adding Bag Fees

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JetBlue will soon be like every other sh*tty airline most of us all hate.


JetBlue Kicked A Mom Flying Home For Her Child’s Birthday Off A Flight For Tweeting About A Delay

By | 14 Comments

Was this JetBlue pilot completely out of line for kicking a passenger off for tweeting about a delay?


People Who Threaten To Leave The Country If Their Candidate Doesn’t Win Have No Excuse Now

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Every presidential election season there are hardline ideologues who claim that they'll move to another country if their preferred candidate doesn't win, and every presidential election season there are hardline ideologues who don't keep their promise to move when their preferred candidate doesn't win. No excuses now.


JetBlue Will Soon Offer High Speed Broadband Wi-Fi On Flights


In comparison with the rest of the airline industry, JetBlue -- typically a forward-thinking company -- has lagged way behind in offering internet access to passengers. Apparently, that's about to change.


Come Fly The Sort Of Friendly Skies

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For the past two weeks, former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater has become a household name since he refused to put up with a passenger’s obnoxious behavior, grabbed a few cold beers from the galley, and departed his scheduled flight via the emergency exit of his plane.

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