JetBlue Slashes Flights To $99 To Help People Escape Hurricane Irma

Shutterstock / Uproxx

Most of South Florida needs to get out of Hurricane Irma’s path, but thanks to airline pricing structures, that’s proving surprisingly hard to do. Fortunately, one airline is stepping up and helping out: JetBlue is capping prices at $99 for nonstop flights and $159 for connecting flights, and more.

Jetblue is trying to get as many people out as possible. It’s added flights, waived cancellation fees, but, most importantly, any seats it has available, it’s not charging an arm and a leg for:

For those looking to evacuate areas in the hurricane’s path, we are offering any remaining seats in select markets at a reduced fare of $99 – $159 including government taxes. Fares are for one-way direct flights with seat availability through Sept. 13 in select markets including Florida, SAV, CHS, PAP, PLS, POP, SDQ, PUJ, STI, LRM, HAV, SNU, CMW, HOG, NAS. Connecting flights from Florida are $159. We will update markets and dates available as the forecast changes if needed.”

Most of those are short-range flights either to Caribbean airports out of the storm’s way or airports further up the East Coast of the US that JetBlue services. Keep in mind that even in an emergency, international travel will still have documentation requirements, so if you don’t have a passport, look for a US flight. Also, even with JetBlue doing all it can, there’s only so many aircraft that can get in the air, so start planning ahead and looking at alternative transportation now. Keep track of the storm with this live map, and stay safe.

(via Business Insider)