JetBlue Is Giving Three Lucky People A Free Year Of Airfare

Air travel can be a joy in the results, but a hit on your wallet, which is why we all love cheap flights. JetBlue, knowing that winter vacation season is almost upon us, has decided to go one better. If you’re a JetBlue customer between now and mid-December, you may be in for a whole load of free flights.

Running between now and December 15th, JetBlue’s All You Can Jet promotion is pretty simple. Buy a non-refundable ticket from JetBlue through (sorry, no third-party sites allowed), and you’re entered in a contest where three winners get an “All You Can Jet” pass. It’s basically the ability to fly anywhere JetBlue goes… FOR A YEAR. You can even bring a friend, or significant other, although once you pick them, that’s it for the year, and you have to pick the flights.

It’s not entirely free: You’ll have to pay any taxes and fees, and you’ll get charged $150 if you don’t show up for your flight. You also can’t book more than one per day, so no day trips, sorry. But if you buy more than one ticket that fits the rules, you’ll be entered multiple times, so there’s that.

Obviously, this would be a fairly awesome contest to win. If your schedule permits you to travel a fair bit, we’re talking thousands of dollars saved. Not bad… not bad at all. The winners will be announced December 27th. Meaning someone’s late Christmas gift is going to upstage all the ones that came before it.

(via JetBlue)