Dear Saturday Night Live, Please Stop Making Us Hate Charles Barkley

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I ran into Charles Barkley at a bar in Orlando on my 30th birthday a few years back, as he was in town for the NBA playoffs, and I had two of my paid escorts attractive lady friends approach him and ask if he’d take a picture with me for my birthday and he said no.

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Watch Anna Faris’s ‘SNL’ Promos

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Embedded below are the promos Anna Faris recorded with Kenan Thompson for this week's "Saturday Night Live," which she'll be hosting with musical guest Drake (the worst rapper since Ja Rule, and arguably worse because Ja Rule could at least scowl believably).

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Who did Kenan Thompson Is Marry?

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I've maligned my share of "Saturday Night Live" cast members over the years, but perhaps none more so than Kenan Thompson.

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Mark Your Calendars: Live Screening of Good Burger with Kel Mitchell. Wait, what?

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Few movies are as emblematic of forgotten, mid-90s badness as Good Burger, which opened the same weekend as Air Force One in 1997 as a vehicle for the stars of one of Nickelodeon's horrible, horrible sitcoms, Kenan and Kel.

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Ten Seriously Disturbing Pieces of TV Fan Fiction

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For this week's list, we sent Josh Kurp into the darkest realms of the Internet: fan fiction forums.

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SNL: The Rent Is Too Damn High & Brett Favre’s Open Fly Jeans

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This weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live" (hosted by Emma Stone) featured two timely and well-executed skits: Kenan Thompson as Jimmy "The Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan and a fake commercial for Brett Favre's Open-Fly Jeans (videos below).

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Gabby Sidibe on ‘SNL’ Was Whatever

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Precious star and cheerful fatty Gabourey Sidibe hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and it was okay, I guess.



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On Saturday night, Blake Lively and Kenan Thompson performed in a sketch that made fun of the unfolding Tiger Woods story (video below).

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"Saturday Night Live" had an uneven, largely disappointing season premiere this weekend, and I'm sad to report that the scheduled picture of host Megan Fox has been replaced by SNL rookie Jenny Slate, seen here reacting to saying the F-word on live television in her first starring sketch, the three billionth variation of "regular person has an unfunny talk show" (see video below).



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(*softly weeping*) The trailer for Stan Helsing starts with "From one of the guys who brought you Scary Movie.


Just Another Day In Akron: The Launch Of The Nike Air Max LeBron VII

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So I'm officially back from my trip to Akron for the LeBron James Innovation & Inspiration Summit and it's time to let y'all know what went down.


LeBron James Innovation & Inspiration Summit

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When I said this was my dream job, I wasn't kidding.



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Fox tried to hail "Sit Down, Shut Up" -- the new animated series that debuted on Sunday night -- as the heir to "Arrested Development," and it was totally right in one regard: the ratings sucked.

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