Kenan Thompson Has A Theory About Why Dionne Warwick Thinks He Runs ‘Saturday Night Live’

Kenan Thompson stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night where he talked about all things Saturday Night Live from having to slap together a scaled down episode with Paul Rudd thanks to COVID and why Dionne Warwick thinks Thompson runs the show. While talking to Fallon, who praised Warwick’s previous appearance on SNL, the late night host brought up a viral tweet where Warwick was asked if she’s ever going to host the show.

“That is a question for the person who runs the show. Lorne or Kenan,” Warwick tweeted back.

As for why Warwick is under the impression that Thompson runs SNL, he explained to Fallon, “I think Black people migrate towards each other. So for some reason she thinks I represent SNL, and she can speak through me, you know, to get her message across. Like, if we see a crowd of people, and we see a Black person in the crowd, we’re going to go to them and ask them, like, “Who made the chicken?” I guess. I don’t know.”

Whether Thompson was right or not, his answer had Fallon almost falling out of his chair laughing. Of course, maybe Dionne Warwick is onto something. Thompson is one of the show’s longest running cast members and Lorne Michaels has recently started talking about retiring. Why couldn’t the top job be his? Let Kenan run SNL, you fools!

(Via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)