Kendrick Perkins Declares Mike Miller The Most Comfortable Lawn Chair In The NBA


Kendrick Perkins decided to spend some time sitting on Mike Miller, big brother style, during game 3 of Thunder/Grizzlies. So comfortable!


Blake Griffin Got Punched In The Dick And Made The Best Joke About It

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka has some anger issues.


Which Five NBA Players Would Jalen Rose Take Into A Fight?

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Those familiar with Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball recognize Jalen Rose’s “Dark Alley Fab Five” is essentially the same concept as The Sports Guy’s “All Foxhole Team.


The Oklahoma City Thunder Can't Believe The Great Deals At Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge


The Oklahoma City Thunder popped up in a local ad for Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge, and it's the stuff awkward public access dreams are made of.

taiwanese animation

Blake Griffin Travels Time, Has Helpful Panda Assistant, Makes Heads Explode

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There's a moment near the beginning of Next Media Animation's more-or-less unnecessary 66-second tribute to Blake Griffin's dunking where LeBron James is standing on an Olympic podium holding a "Dunk Of The Year" trophy, Griffin shows up and bonks him in the head with a basketball to knock him down.

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Ping Pong Dog Enjoys A Good Match (And Morning Links)


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2.1 The Cooler

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Chris Brown Named World's Worst Dressed Man By GQ Magazine <a href="">[HuffPost]</a> Will Amazon Kill Publishing.


Blake Griffin Puts Kendrick Perkins On The Summerjam Screen

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<a href=""></a>Photo: Jose3030 Just a day after LeBron cleared John Lucas in <a href="" target="_blank">a single bound</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Blake Griffin</a> single handedly broke the Internet and made SportsCenter his own personal playhouse by baptizing Thunder center Kendrick Perkins.


Dwyane Wade Posterizes Kendrick Perkins

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<a href=""> Mike Tirico's reaction summed up this dunk perfectly. Dropping the professional veneer that all sportscasters - except perhaps Gus Johnson - take on as part of their job, Tirico stammered "I need to see that again, because I don't believe what he did!" With these apt words, and the earnest joy in his voice, Tirico channelled the feelings of NBA fans across the country. Dwayne Wade delivered a special play on Wednesday night, the kind that will occupy a place of honor in his career highlight reel when it's all said and done. With a deft spin move, he slipped between two defenders, rose high in the air, and threw down a thunderous two-handed slam on the hapless Kendrick Perkins. Then to top it all off, he broke out the cabbage patch, adding to the biggest week for the dance in recent memory. According to <a href="">The Real XL's criteria</a>, Wade dunked on Perkins.


Son, You’ve Been Traded


This is why blogs are awesome.


Ron Ron Has Balls, Perkins Needs A New Knee as the Lakers Force Game 7

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Coming into Tuesday night's game, the Boston Celtics were 11-0 when up 3-2 in the NBA Finals.

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