Kendrick Perkins Explained What Got Him Ejected From A Kids AAU Game This Weekend

Over the weekend, noted breaking news reporter Trae Young sent out a tweet that said he’d heard rumblings that Kendrick Perkins had gotten tossed from a kids AAU game in Las Vegas after picking up double technicals arguing with referees.

On Monday, the good folks at the NBA Today were able to scrounge up the video of that event and pressed Perk on what happened that got him tossed. Perk explained that he wanted an explanation for why one of the kids on his team got tossed and couldn’t get it, so he just kept going until he got ejected. The best part of the video of Perkins’ explanation is how much joy it brings Brian Windhorst.

Perk immediately calling for the tournament director is even funnier than him just getting run from a children’s basketball game. He needed to go straight to the top — and still got told he needed to stand to the side for the rest of the game. While a very funny video, just generally parents and coaches in kids sports need to take some deep breaths and lower the expectations for officials working those games. I understand its a tournament and the money spent to be there and all of that, but not a lot of that is going towards officiating. There are gonna be mistakes when folks are making $15 an hour (maybe) to referee a kid’s basketball game, and we probably don’t need to go full Gregg Popovich on them, even though it is very frustrating.