Charles Barkley On Kendrick Perkins Saying He Doesn’t Watch Games: ‘5 Points A Game Gonna Call Me Out?’

Kendrick Perkins decided to engage in a little cross-network smack talk the other day when he called out Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal of TNT. During an appearance on The Michael Kay Show, Perkins was asked why the Hall of Fame inductees and longtime television commentators don’t believe in the Knicks, and said that the pair “don’t watch basketball” and “can’t watch basketball on a consistent basis.”

This, unsurprisingly, did not go over especially well with the two Inside the NBA stars. At the end of Tuesday night’s broadcast, a tweet got both of them going on Perkins, with Shaq saying multiple times that he watched an old game where Blake Griffin dunked on the former Oklahoma City Thunder big man.

“We don’t watch the Knicks games, Chuck, but I watched that game,” Shaq said.

“We out here killing roaches,” Barkley responded. “I ain’t gonna even give no love to no guy that averaged five points a game. Five points a game gonna call me out?”

If anything, the surprise here is that it took until the end of the night for the pair to start making jokes at Perk’s expense. Anyway, here’s hoping Stephen A. Smith gets pulled into the middle of this.