Patrick Beverley And Austin Rivers Responded To JJ Redick’s Criticism Of Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers has been a frequent topic of conversation over the last few weeks. Ever since he took over for the fired Adrian Griffin in Milwaukee, there’s been even more of a spotlight on Rivers than usual. It hasn’t helped that his stint with the Bucks has not gone well — they’ve gone 3-7 under him, and while the defensive woes he was hired to fix have started to trend in the right direction, Milwaukee’s offense has floundered under him.

Add in that Rivers got to coach the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game because of Milwaukee’s record under Griffin and the whole thing has just been weird. And on top of everything, Rivers has made some comments about his situation that received criticism, with ESPN analyst JJ Redick — who played under Rivers with the Clippers — criticizing him for never accepting any accountability.

Well, Redick’s comments didn’t go over especially well with some of Rivers’ former players. Both Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Perkins (the latter of whom deleted his tweet) came to their former coach’s defense — with Beverley, in particular, going after Redick. Rivers’ son and another one of his ex-players, Austin Rivers, also chimed in and said he disagreed with what Redick had to say while making it a point to stress that he thought Beverley’s tweet was off-base, as well.

kendrick perkins jj redick

While Redick didn’t respond to Rivers or Perkins, he did have something to say to Beverley, who unsurprisingly fired right back.

Rivers and the Bucks will be back in action on Friday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves.