Introducing The Autoblow 2: The Machine That Will **** Your ****

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In what all the major news outlets are calling the story of the century, some guy named Brian invented a second electric BJ machine.

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Science Tells Us How To Distinguish Men Playing As Women in MMORPGs

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Researchers from five universities studied footage of 375 'World of Warcraft' players to study the different behaviors that gamers of each gender exhibited.

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You Can Finally Buy A Fur Coat Made Entirely Of Male Chest Hair

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To promote its new male-centric chocolate milk, the food company Arla had a coat made from one million chest hairs and it can be purchased for $3,800.


‘Men Throwing Rocks With The Other Hand’ Is Painful & Hilarious


Yes, "Men Throwing Rocks With The Other Hand" is exactly what it sounds like. And yes, it is painful to watch. It is also hilarious.

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