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5 Reasons Female Video Game Characters Are The Best Video Game Characters

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Why are fans so disappointed when games exclude female characters? Because female characters are the best, that's why.

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10 Short, But Sweet Games You Should Play Through This Long Weekend

By | 16 Comments

You might have a little extra free time coming up, so here's some great games you can easily play through in a single long weekend...

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New ‘Dying Light’ Footage Isn’t For Those Afraid Of The Dark Or Heights

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You don't want to be out on the town when the sun goes down in 'Dying Light'...


Video: The Amazing Spider-Man Ripped Off a Videogame

By | 11 Comments

Judging by the number of views on this video, there's a decent chance you may have already seen it, but it hit while I was at Comic-Con and I was so busy taking pictures of Slave Leia sideboob and man gunt that I never got a chance to post it.

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Three Year Old Plays Mirror’s Edge and Portal

By | 10 Comments

There's not much intro I can give this mindblowing video.

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