YouTube Versus Indie Musicians: A Primer

By | 7 Comments

Is YouTube really going to boot the indie musicians you love? Inside yet another annoying contract dispute.

#the black keys

You Can Stream The Entire New Album From The Black Keys On iTunes Right Now

By | 3 Comments

Fans of the Black Keys don't have to wait another week to hear 'Turn Blue,' because the album is streaming on iTunes Radio right now.


iTunes Radio Might Crush Pandora As Soon As Next Month

By | 4 Comments

iTunes Radio is barely out and already it's taking an axe to the competition.


Pandora Is Angry Musicians Don’t Want To Take A Pay Cut

By | 17 Comments

Pandora is advocating for a law that cuts royalties to musicians. But, hey, musicians! Pandora can give you valuable exposure!


Apple’s iRadio Might Be Coming As Soon As Next Week

By | 3 Comments

iRadio, Apple's music streaming service, will debut next week. Well, if they can get the contracts signed.

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