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Clint Eastwood wants to direct ‘Jersey Boys.’ Wait, what?

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Word on the street is that old Clint "Jazz Hands" Eastwood is considering a movie adaptation of Jersey Boys as his next film.

darth vader

JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Musical


JJ Abrams and Darth Vader get ready for Star Wars Episode VII -- musically.


A Les Misérables review in the form of a Smash Mouth song

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Tom Hooper's 160-minute adaptation of Les Misérables, aka the Olympics of Piss-Holding, is a "sung-through" musical, meaning there's no spoken dialog, only singing.


Pan’s Labyrinth To Become A Musical


Pan's Labyrinth will feature a singing eye monster. OK, maybe not, but it will have songs by the guy who wrote "The Rainbow Connection".


Watch Germans sing songs about Rocky in ‘Rocky: Das Musical’

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Just to pound home those last few nails into theater-as-an-artform's coffin, the new big thing on Broadway is to take a movie, add some songs, and turn it into one big, soulless, obnoxious dance number.

Adam McKay

Anchorman 2 is going to be a musical, basically

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It shouldn't surprise us when actors decide they want to sing because, hello, have you met actors.


Polish all the Oscars! Les Miserables is here!

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The trailer for Les Miserables is here, from The King's Speech director Tom Hooper, and as you can see, it is going to win ALL OF THE OSCARS.


Liam Neeson: The Musical


Relax, it's Neeson Season.

Beauty And The Beast

Hipster Disney Princesses


Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel reveal their inner hipsters.


*OF COURSE* Magic Mike will become a stage musical

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According to one critic quoted in the previews, Magic Mike is "the Citizen Kane of stripper movies," and with the most Important Film of Our Times set to open in less than a week, my browser tabs are currently running about 90 to 95 percent C-Tates stories.


Whoa, I think I just fart-barfed

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Here's the latest trailer for Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julianne Hough, and the invisible grinning face of Satan.


Don't Let Theater Kids Blog About Sports

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By way of nearly everyone with a working index finger and a <a href="" target="_blank">knowledge of our tipline</a> this morning comes Jeremy Lin The Musical, wherein a guy whom I'm just gonna assume is Bobby Lee from MadTV plays "Jeremy", a down on his luck Asian gent who tries to join the local basketball club, only to be taunted and rejected by the its multi-cultural members.

Mike Myers wants to make an Austin Powers musical now

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As if Bob the annoying guy from shipping refusing to break character all day three Halloweens ago wasn't enough to solidify Austin Powers' status as no longer even remotely cool, Mike Myers now wants to turn it into a musical.


Stallone producing a Rocky musical with the Klitschko brothers. Wait, what?

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I cover the film industry for a living, and as absurd as it is, it still doesn't hold a candle to theater, where writing songs about a movie and hiring a washed-up sitcom star to play the lead are considered innovation.


Trey Parker And Matt Stone Say They’re Making A ‘Book Of Mormon’ Movie


The Book of Mormon took home nine Tony Awards this year (including best musical) for its three creators: Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) and Robert Lopez (co-writer of Avenue Q).


‘Jersey Shore’: The Musical

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Are you the type of person who would be interested in a rock opera version of "Jersey Shore" starring a drag queen as JWOWW, a guy in an awesome puffy muscle suit, and a song titled "Snooki's Lament".


Footloose remake trailer: Kevin Bacon is from Bawston now

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Yesterday I posted the <a href="">first batch</a> of pictures, and now we have a full-length trailer for the MTV Films-sponsored remake of Footloose, which is pretty much indistinguishable from a sequel to Step Up to the Streets.

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