Tina Fey And Tituss Burgess Duetted To Help Ease The Wait For ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 2

Season two of the Netflix comedy treasure Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is set to monopolize your life starting on April 15 which is fantastic news, but how about something to tide you over while you wait for your Garfield calendar to get to the date you crave? C’mon, you knew that rectangle at the top of this post wasn’t plunked there by accident.

Series co-creator Tina Fey and star Tituss Burgess shared the stage at the MCC Theater’s Miscast Gala for a song that wasn’t “Peeno Noir.” (Sorry.) The Broadway darling and America’s second favorite Marcia Clark paired up for the musical number “You’re Nothing Without Me” from City of Angels. (That’s City of Angels the musical, not City of Angels the several other things.) The duo trade barbs with theatrical aplomb with Fey holding her own with Burgess while cracking him up in the process.

This remarkably charming duet is so warm and inviting (even with its sing-song jabs) that you sorta want wrap yourself up in it like it’s a cozy blanket. It also amps up optimism for the Fey-penned Mean Girls musical that’s on the way, which should have the power to pull memories of Mean Girls 2 from our brains and bury them in the ocean never to be thought of again.

(via Flavorwire)